What Our Patients Say

"I recently had a Gastric Sleeve under the care and expertise of one of the finest surgeons I know. (I have been a nurse for 25 years so I do know a few). From my initial consultation, through to my surgery and beyond, I have received superior and flawless care from Dr Andrew Huo. He is a wonderful human being, with a beautiful gentle manner. At all times, I have felt informed and at ease. I highly recommend Dr Andrew Huo to anyone looking for a brilliant surgeon. He deserves these 5 stars and more."

- Yolande K

"There aren't enough words to describe how fabulous my experience with Dr Andrew Huo has been, from the very first phone call I had with him all the way through to my current post-operative care. A fantastic surgeon and a great person who truly cares for his patients, I have felt safe, heard and cared for at every step of my journey with weight loss surgery and wider issues. The team Andrew works with are fabulous too, and I cannot speak highly enough of my care and stay at John Fawkner Hospital.

Andrew listens, takes the time to understand you, and ensures he helps you assemble a team around you to support you on your journey. I had infinite number of questions before and after my surgeries with Andrew and he is always quick to reply and reassure any worries or doubts.

If you are considering weight loss surgery, I highly encourage you take the step of speaking with Andrew about your situation and options. If it weren't for him, I may never have had my weight loss surgery and be on my way to a healthier, happier life now. From the first meeting, he gave me hope while also keeping it real and honest with me, and I haven't looked back once since. I can truly say it's the best decision I've made.

Thank you, Andrew and team, for everything you do. You are wonderful.”

- Lizzie AE

“Andrew Huo is amazing. I wish I could give him more than 5 stars. I had weight loss surgery 6 months ago and Andrew made the whole experience easy and he has stayed in contact the whole time since with post operation follow up appointments. He generally cares about post operative care.

When I first started researching surgeons, I contacted a number of different clinics. Andrew, himself got back to me the same night. It was a nice feeling knowing I was discussing things directly with the surgeon right away. Some other clinics didn’t even get back to me and just directed me to their FAQ’s on their website.

He is exceptionally well organised and prompt in getting back to you if you have any questions. He is extremely professional, his phone calls are always on time and he explains everything thoroughly. Unlike other surgeons his out of pocket fee was very reasonable.

The procedure itself was well explained and undertaken without any complications. Andrew has given me a new lease on life and I’ll be forever grateful.

I highly recommend Andrew for anyone considering weight loss surgery.”

- Emma C

“Dr. Huo and his team are amazing and very easy to work with. I had gastric sleeve surgery in June 2021, yes during the pandemic and Andrew and his team have taken amazing care of me and ensured my surgery can go ahead as planned.

From the initial consultation through preparation to the day of surgery Dr. Huo was always available and kept me well informed about the process, next steps, what to expect and importantly what is expected of me. The surgery has worked miracles on me but you need to bring your best self in as well. If the patient is not committed, the best surgeon and surgery can't help.

Andrew is one if not the best doctor in Melbourne if you're looking to change your life and health around with Bariatric Surgery!

He always takes good care of his patients and ensures if and when the patient "slips" to bring them back on track.

The surgery itself went well and I only had to stay 3 nights in the hospital. After close to 1.5 years I can say the surgery was a full success and my results have exceeded Andrew's expectations as well. During the weight loss period after surgery I managed to remove 70kg of weight in 15 months and have had hardly any regain. The incisions are barely visible and I feel so much healthier. All my blood results and general health have improved significantly.

If you are committed and want to change your life forever Dr. Huo and his team can and will help you!

Andrew, I'd like to extend a personal thank you as well as without you I wouldn't be able to have achieved such amazing results. Thank you!”

- Aaron G

“I had gastric sleeve and hiatus hernia repair surgery about 3 months ago conducted by Dr Andrew Huo. My journey has been amazing from the first day. Dr Andrew made me feel so comfortable. He is very approachable and supportive, but above all, he is very professional. He explained everything in great detail and if I have ever have questions, is always quick to respond. My scars are very neat and I have had no complications. If you are considering weight loss surgery, I highly recommend Dr Andrew Huo.”

- Nicole S

“Dr Andrew Huo was amazing right from the start. He took the time to explain the procedure to me and what to expect after. The aftercare I have received is fantastic. My scars are barely visible now and I have gone from 90kg down to 60kg in 6 months. My health and lifestyle have improved so much since having the gastric sleeve surgery and I have had no complications at all. Dr Andrew has given me my life back and I am so grateful, I would recommend anyone wanting weight loss surgery to go and see him you won’t regret it.”

- Lisa B

“It’s been 3 months since i had my gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Andrew and it has been absolutely amazing. I have had no complications and have lost 30kg. From our first consultation he was very attentive and helpful with all my questions. He made sure to completely explain everything from the start. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Andrew doing my surgery. If you are looking for a weight loss surgeon that is truly passionate about his job Dr. Andrew is the surgeon to go with.”

- Ayse E

“Dr Andrew Huo is an amazing surgeon and person. As a fellow medical doctor myself, I am aware I am not the easiest patient to treat. Nonetheless, Dr Huo has treated me with great patience, professionalism and kindness- thank you so much Andrew! Dr Huo is highly knowledgeable and I am very impressed with his surgical skills. Due to previous surgical complications (from another surgeon) and other factors, my surgery was not easy to perform, but Dr Huo's high degree of expertise resulted in a quick and smooth recovery with no post-op complications. He provides an exceptional level of care, being very thorough in all his consultations and taking the time to explain everything in detail. This is not a common quality that is found in many surgeons. He listens to concerns and takes the time and effort to consider which treatment/surgical procedure is best suited to his patients' needs. I had reservations about having gastric sleeve surgery done and had been too afraid to do it for many years, but am truly glad that I went through with it, and very grateful that it was with Dr Huo. The surgery has been very effective in helping me lose weight and I feel so much healthier now. After my experience with Dr Huo, I can see why he has numerous extremely positive reviews - absolutely well-deserved and I cannot be happier with the outstanding care received.”

- Christina

“Dr Andrew Huo was fantastic to deal with. He recommended the best surgery for me and was very prompt with communicating. I had a great recovery with no complications, I’ve lost 40kg in the 5 months since my surgery. Follow up care has been great and Andrew is always available if I have questions. I would absolutely recommend Andrew for anyone considering this type of surgery.”

- Jessica B

“Dr. Andrew is absolutely amazing! It has now been 1yr since I had my gastric sleeve surgery and through every step of my journey Dr. Andrew has been fantastic. He was extremely informative during my initial consultation and answered all my questions honestly. Even with the uncertainty during covid and the delay of my surgery he continued to keep in contact and keep me updated with all the changes. Through all my appointments with Dr Andrew post-surgery, he has continued to be supportive and honest, the follow up care is wonderful. I absolutely can't recommend Dr. Andrew enough to anyone looking into weight loss surgery.”

- Sarah L

“I highly recommend Andrew Huo. I had a Mini-Gastric Bypass just over 12 months ago and I have lost over 40kg. Andrew thoroughly discusses your situation and is a very informative person. He assisted me with all of the paperwork which made the initial process seamless. I had no issues with my surgery or my recovery. After the surgery he keeps in contact and continues his aftercare. He is always only an email away. I have found that he has kept me on track and I always feel refocused after our meetings. My only regret is that I didn’t have this surgery 15 years ago with Andrew.”

- Lara W

“I had a very successful gastric sleeve surgery with Andrew in May 2021. It is now 12 months post-surgery, and I have lost 35kgs, and have gone from a size 20 down to a size 12. Having gastric sleeve surgery is one of the best gifts I've given myself. Throughout the process Andrew has been engaged and professional, and provided all the information I needed to make informed decisions. He has followed up my surgery with regular check-ins including blood tests to ensure I'm going well. If you are considering gastric sleeve, I can't recommend Andrew enough for your surgery!”

- Elissa W

“Dr Andrew has been beyond amazing in his professionalism during my gastric surgery. He's so thorough and precise, he soothes all worries, and gives you all the tools you need through each stage of the before, during, and after the procedure. He's respectful, has phenomenal bedside manners, and takes care of you in every way to ensure that you're looked after physically, nutritionally, and emotionally. I'm so grateful to him for his expertise, his thoroughness, and could not be more pleased by the results of the surgery. I'd recommend him to anyone. You can guarantee you'll be taken care of by someone who truly knows what he is doing. Thank you Dr Andrew.”

- Reyhan S

“Had surgery with Dr Andrew Huo in July 2022, from my first consultation with him I felt at ease and reassured.

Andrew is a lovely man and I would highly recommend anyone thinking of surgery with him too go for it.

He’s happy to answer any questions you have without hesitation, even via email or phone if you’re like me and forget to ask something at the time of your appointment

Best decision I have made with my surgery, just wish I had done it sooner.

I have so much more confidence in myself and a lot more energy and a lot of my pre surgery health issues have gone.

Thanks again Andrew for the new me.”

- Alisha B

“Dr Andrew Huo has been absolutely amazing in my weight loss journey. From the initial consultation to the post-surgery support, I have had the most positive experience. Dr Andrew Huo is professional and no nonsense in his approach to weight loss surgery. Dr Andrew Huo is very knowledgeable and puts your mind at ease of any concerns. Thank you Dr Andrew Huo!”

- Angela T

“Dr Andrew Huo performed my Gastric Sleeve surgery in April 2022.To say I am happy with the surgery would be an understatement, wish i could give him 10 stars.

I have lost 35kg since surgery Dr Huo was professional, attentive & very clear with my expectations. Since I’ve had my surgery, the recovery has been seamless which I put directly down to the skills of Dr Huo

I would highly recommend to have him on this journey for anyone contemplating weight loss surgery.”

- Milena P

“This is the best decision I have ever made.

Dr.Andrew is the best person for the job. Wouldn’t recommend anyone else. I was supported the whole way through the process. Whenever I had a question it was answered within hours of sending an email. I’ve heard a lot of good things about him before. But after my time with him I can completely understand why people love him. He really made the whole process easy to deal with and was always there for support when I needed it. My wife is currently thinking of doing the gastric bypass with Dr. Huo as well. Thanks heaps Andrew. You have really transformed my life and my family’s life around.”

- Ivan P

“Andrew Huo has been amazing from the outset. From my first consultation meeting through to my six month review just recently, nothing has been too hard an ask, no question off limits. Andrew even rang my husband post-surgery while I was in recovery to let him know how everything went! Highly recommend Andrew and his services to those in the bariatric community.”

- Amanda M

“I had my gastric sleeve surgery with Dr Andrew Huo 6 months ago, the whole process from first consultation to 6 months post operation has been a really good experience, my surgery went really well I've had no complications and have lost 30kg. Dr Huo is easy to contact via email or phone and is always happy to answer any questions or queries I may have. I highly recommend Dr Andrew Huo from Melbourne weight loss centre to anyone considering having weight loss surgery.”

- Mazen E

“I cannot thank Dr Huo enough for everything he has done.

The surgery was easy and I was of hospital the next day.

The aftercare I received and continue to receive 3 months post-op from Dr Huo is incredibly supportive and encouraging.

He has changed my life and the health issues I had - the hypertension, diabetes and migraines have literally been disappeared.

I recommend Melbourne Weight Loss Centre and Dr Andrew Huo to everyone who is considering embarking on this journey.

Dr Huo will organise everything you need and help you understand the process.

Trust me, you will be supported and will learn how this process will help change your life.

You will not be judged and you will never be made to feel insecure. Even the Dietitian you get to work with is amazing.

My only regret is that I did not contact the team at Melbourne Weight Loss Centre sooner.

Thanks Dr Huo. You have changed our lives.”

- Chris F

“I am very happy to recommend Dr Andrew Huo. Andrew performed a gastroscopy on me in April 2022 and a stomach bypass operation in June, 2022. I am very happy with the outcome of both operations and with Andrew's care and follow up appointments. He is understanding and explains everything in a way I could understand. I've had no problems with either operation and I wouldn't hesitate to engage him again if required in the future.”

- Beverley J

“I had my gastric sleeve 3 months ago with Dr Andrew Huo in Epworth Richmond and I had amazing recovery, I would like to rate him more than 5 star! his care and knowledge are amazing. During the surgery I also got my diaphragm repaired. If you consider to have weight loss surgery contact Andrew Huo. I m so happyyyyy”

- Maria A

“Deciding on the surgeon was the hardest part for me and once I made the initial appointment with Andrew Huo everything else was taken care of and went swimmingly. Andrew made this whole journey so easy for me and he’s always an email away for any questions and it’s amazing that he responds within an hour or two. He even helped me with getting all my docs ready. Now 6 months post op I’ve lost 25kgs and had no complications. I recommend Andrew to anyone who’s looking to have a bariatric surgery.”

- Dana

“Dr Huo has been a fantastic Surgeon. The surgery itself went very well and I only stayed a few short nights in hospital. Dr Huo has been a consistent support pre and post surgery with regular follow up appointments that have been reassuring and encouraging.

Having the surgery was the best decision I've ever made, and key to that is having a great surgeon.

If you're considering the Gastic / Bariatric journey I would highly recommend Dr Huo.”

- Anaru F

“Dr Huo has been awesome, I had my Gastric Sleeve in October 2021 so it has been a little over a year now I was very nervous for the surgery as I hadn't had any surgery before Dr Huo's surgical team was amazing they helped to calm my nerves and before i knew it I was in my recovery room. The surgery has changed my life and Dr Huo is an amazing surgeon and if you are looking to get any surgery done through Melbourne Weight loss Centre I highly recommend you do.”

- Casey V

“I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Dr Andrew Huo and his team at Melbourne Weight loss Centre. What had always been a distant hope has now become my reality. Prior to my Procedure Dr Huo made it all so easy, with his compassionate approach, his knowledge and the extremely informative consultations. Dr Huo made himself available to answer any questions I had, any day and at anytime. The care during and after my procedure has been amazing and so much more than what I had ever anticipated. This was life changing and I will be forever grateful for how Dr Huo and his team have impacted my life positively. I had The sleeve gastrectomy June 2022, I was 124kgs and six months on I am down to 83kgs. I have had no issues or complications.”

- Kae H

“From the first conversation with Dr Andrew, I felt very confident of success as he answered all of my questions with respect and obvious knowledge. He referred me to a wonderful nutritionist and I worked very hard with them both to avoid any of the problems associated with bariatric surgery. My surgery and post-op went so smoothly I couldn’t believe it - I have just had my 6 month check up with Dr Andrew. I’ve lost 30 kilos and I haven’t felt this good for 30 years!! Thank you so much for looking after me 💕”

- Angie W

“Dr Andrew Huo has been amazing throughout this process for me. From my first consultation I felt safe and comfortable especially feeling quite vulnerable in reaching out for help. Andrew was compassionate and highly knowledgeable, educating me on my health issues and how I can create positive long-term changes with the support of surgery.

Since having my surgery 9 months ago, I have lost 44kgs and continue to lose more, surpassing my initial goal weight. I am beyond happy with my results and I have referred several friends to Andrew who where inspired by my results. I finally feel like I am living my life not just being a bystander to it. Having the surgery was the best decision I have ever made and Dr Andrew Huo made it an amazing and supportive experience. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

- Sara E

“Words can’t express how amazing Dr Andrew and the team are. Through from the first consultation, the hospital admission itself, and still ongoing follow ups 3 months post op, Dr Andrew really cares and is passionate about the work he does.

For anyone hesitant about getting weight loss surgery, I honestly regret not doing it sooner!

I highly recommend Dr Andrew and the team!

3 months post op and 35kg down!


- Leah P

“Writing a positive review for Andrew and the Melbourne Weight Loss Centre team is extremely easy for me as it has been, by far, the best experience.

From the initial thorough consultation, through to the 3 month post operation review, Andrew took the time and care to ensure that all of my queries and concerns were fully answered.

So far I have managed to lose 30kgs and I’m looking forward to losing a lot more weight and being able to recognise myself again

I know I couldn’t have done it without Andrew and MWLC as I had previously been told by other surgeons that I wouldn’t be able to have the gastric bypass surgery because of scar tissue build-up and my extreme weight.

Andrew talked me through every stage, the pros and the cons, and then suddenly, there was light at the end of the tunnel.

If you are considering Bariatric surgery give Andrew a call at the Melbourne Weight Loss Centre.

Take that first step, you won’t regret it”

- Claudia M

“When deciding to undergo weight loss surgery, choosing my doctor was honestly the hardest part. Because after I found Dr. Andrew everything fell into place and I knew everything was being taken care of for me. He has kept constant watch over my condition and has always responded to my questions in less than a day. My work isn't done but I know if I ever need more guidance or help with my struggles Dr. Andrew will be available for me to depend on. Also I will say my scars are tiny practically gone at this point and it's only been 5 months.”

- Rabia D

“November 1st 2019 Dr Huo performed my bariatric procedure. 2 years on with a starting weight of 106kgs and a loss of 52kgs I can wholeheartedly and trustfully recommend Dr Huo to any persons who is considering bariatric surgery.

From our first appointment right through all the COVID restrictions and continuing till this day Andrew has shown the highest of care, professionalism and understanding I have personally experienced. Throughout my pre weight loss journey and post-surgery journey he was always a phone call or email away. He always made time to answer my questions no matter how crazy they were and has always treated me kindly and most importantly to me with patience.

Dr Andrew Huo has changed my life and I am ever so grateful to have myself been referred to him.

Honestly, if you are considering weight loss surgery and want to be treated with respect, understanding and to have amazing after procedure care Dr Andrew Huo is THE ONE to select!!!!”

- Anna G

“Dr Andrew Huo has been the best surgeon, his bedside manner and follow up consults have been exceptional. My daughter was also impressed as she received phone calls post-surgery updating her of my progress. If anyone is thinking of WLS, you cannot go past Dr Andrew Huo, thank you.”

- Marianne G

“Dr Andrew Huo came highly recommended to me from a close friend and I couldn’t be happier. I have had a few procedures in the past for other things and I have never felt more comfortable with any surgeon before, Andrew has been compassionate, knowledgeable, understanding and kind from the very beginning making the whole process a lot easier to do.

I am now 6 months post-surgery and have lost 35kgs to date, 90% of my excess fat and I couldn’t be happier. I feel amazing and have a new lease on life. I am beyond more than happy with the whole experience from the start and I owe all of that to Andrew.

I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

- Kerry R

“I highly recommend you book an appointment with Andrew Huo if you are considering weight loss surgery. From my first appointment to the many follow up conversations and the surgery itself, Andrew was professional and full of knowledge! From my very first appointment Andrew guided me through process and what will happen next. I am almost 6 months post op and all I can say is it’s been the most amazing journey iv been on, it’s completely changed my life for better.

I hope this post helps anyone who is considering weight loss surgery and my advice is just to educate yourself about the process and I found that after my first and second appointment, I had all the knowledge I needed in order to be confident in my surgery ❤️”

- Sophie

“My weight loss journey was made far more confidently due to the incredible knowledge and constant advice and contact Dr Andrew has given throughout these past 2 and a 1/2 months since surgery. My initial appointment had me walking away well informed about what was going to happen every step of the way. Dr Andrew has personally called to ensure I am meeting my milestones and am feeling well as that’s something I have found to be above and beyond what other people have told me about their experiences. I have healed well with absolutely no issues and know that contacting Dr Andrew at Melbourne Weight Loss Centre was the best decision I have made and look forward to a healthier future. I recommend him for your weight loss journey.”

- Alison S

“I recently had a gastric bypass completed by Dr. Andrew Huo and I have had a wonderful experience. From my own personal journey Dr. Huo has demonstrated that he is highly skilled, attentive to my needs and very professional. I have felt safe throughout the entire process and my outcomes were met beyond expectation. I am rating Dr. Huo 5-Stars: I am so grateful that I was given a renewed chance at living my best life. Thank-you Dr. Huo. Tim”

- Tim J

“My experience with Dr Andrew Huo was flawless throughout my weight loss journey… from the 1st phone call and meeting via zoom I was well informed with my choice to go ahead with WLS.

My recovery after surgery was without a problem, actually not one concern.

I have high praise for Dr Andrew and would not hesitate recommending him to family or friends or anyone!”

- Dorinda C

“Dr Huo has helped me have a new outlook on life. From the initial consult to the regular post-surgery check-ups, it has been an easy, stress-free process. 1 year post-op, I have reached my goal weight and I am feeling better than ever.”

- Mak P

“I will try and make this as short as possible, in 2018 I had a work place injury and was off work for 3 years. Because of the injury I suffered iwasn’t able to walk or stand for long periods of time.

I went thru hell and back with the injury and for me food is what kept me happy and I started putting weight on. Sleep apnoea, snoring, no energy and hated myself.

I tried diets but wasn’t in the right mindset to keep it up, so I started looking into weight loss surgery (Gastric Sleeve) and thankfully I was able to find Dr Andrew Huo at Melbourne Weight Loss Centre.

Dr Andrew spoke with me about it and told me all the pros and cons about the surgery, after finally deciding to go ahead with the Gastric Sleeve surgery I was booked in on September 1st 2021.

The highest I reached in weight was 130KGS, I was put on a VLCD diet 2-3weeks before surgery and did well.

Day of surgery I was 126.1KGS and have not looked back at all my weight as of the 2/3/2022 is 80KGS.

Dr Andrew I appreciate everything you have done for me and my whole life has changed for the better, no more sleep apnoea, no more snoring and full of energy.

If anyone is thinking about getting this surgery done don’t think twice and go see Dr Andrew Huo.

Thanks again”

- Billy N

"I cannot stress enough that making the appointment to see Dr Andrew was the best decision I have ever made for myself. The process from appointment to surgery was amazing and flawless. The care and follow up was amazing. I could not be happier with my results and brag to everyone how happy I am! If I could give Dr Andrew a 100 star review I would!

Recommend... yes. Do it 100 times over!!"

- Kloie VH

"I highly recommend Dr Huo and his team for any weight loss procedure. I have had an absolute dream run and felt very informed and in control throughout the whole journey. The aftercare has been amazing with plenty of consultations and follow-up. I feel confident knowing that the team is a phone call away if I ever need anything. I would not go anywhere else."

- Chloe T

"My experience with Dr Andrew Huo has been amazing from my very first inquiry. I first contacted him in June of 2020 and he completed my gastric sleeve surgery and gallbladder removal in august of 2020.

Speaking directly with Dr Huo he kept me informed and educated about the entire process and procedure. Dr Huo listened to me and my concerns and even followed up on my other illnesses to ensure their would be no complications.

Having the gastric sleeve has been the best decision of my life and I would highly recommend Dr Andrew Huo to everyone!"

- Stephanie L

"From the moment I made an online enquiry Dr Andrew was very professional, his communication was excellent, from emails, to his first appointment- he was very detailed and honest. My surgery was a great success- no issues what so ever. He visited the following day after surgery explained how everything went, rang my husband after surgery to let him know I was out of surgery. Follow up appointments after surgery as well. Would definitely recommend. A++"

- Lillian F

"I had the Gastric Sleeve surgery under Dr Andrew Huo and I cannot talk more highly of my experience. He is very professional, and his expertise in this area really shows. He also shows a great deal of compassion. From the start to present day he has always provided open disclosure to me, especially when there was a small hiccup in the plan.

I would recommend Dr Andrew Huo to anyone, and have spoken about him to friends.

I now don’t have to take medications for diabetes, blood pressure or cholesterol, and have also given up the Panadol osteo, fish oil and turmeric that I took for pain, and I don’t use a CPAP machine, and I have no pain in my hips or knees.

I am a nurse so am on my feet and don’t have pain now, and I am a volunteer firefighter and thought I would have to give it up, but I am now able to climb into a fire truck so much easier.

My quality of life has improved so much and I look forward to do things that I thought I would never have to do again.

A huge thank you to Andrew for where I am now."

- Linda C

"I had a gastric sleeve procedure done in June by Mr Huo. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

From the first day of meeting Mr Huo, I felt very comfortable with him as he explained in detail from day 1 for what I had to do in order to achieve my goal. Mr Huo was very professional and kind in describing the ups and downs and the positives and negatives of this surgery. He kept in constant contact with me on a regular basis up until the day of the surgery as he made me feel very comfortable. I went into the surgery at the weight of 147 kg and by 3 months after surgery, I weigh 105 kg and I feel like I have been re-born again with a new look to life. I now have no high blood pressure, no cholesterol, no diabetes, and best of all… no sleep apnoea and I can actually sleep a full night sleep which I haven’t been able to do in 20 years. So a big THANK YOU to you, DR HUO, for changing my life."

- Karlos T

"Dr Huo is very experienced and professional. I felt like my care was in good hands from the beginning to the end. My results have been very satisfying. I've recommended him to friends and family looking to have WLS."

- Carly L

"Dr Andrew Huo is a caring doctor who is professional at weight lose surgery. Every step of the way from the start he answered every concern and made sure l was well informed even after my op when he followed up. And still at 12 months after, Dr Andrew still follows up with me. l highly recommended Dr Andrew Huo if you are considering weight lose surgery."

- Wendy F

“It was a blessing to have chosen Dr Andrew to do my Gastric Sleeve surgery . He is very thorough in explaining the procedure and very passionate about his work and it shows.

I'm 6 months post op and with no complications I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

I recommend Dr Andrew 100%. Thank you for giving me my confidence back and taking good care of me! 🙏”

- Sheila S

“Just over 12 months ago I had gastric sleeve done by Dr Andrew. There are not enough words to express how amazing my journey has been with Dr Andrew, every step of the way he has helped, guided, and supported me. I've lost 33kg and feel amazing. If you're thinking of having this surgery, please call DR Andrew.”


“I have had a Mini Gastric Bypass by Dr.Huo.I have been thankful to have my surgeon with a bedside manner. If you want a surgeon/Dr that cares Dr Huo has been 10/10 the aftercare& contact has been a great assurance always well informed with every step of my new journey-my experience has been a great journey.”

- Mandy D

“Very professional and friendly Surgeon. Explained the procedure, what to expect before, during and after surgery and all aspects of the recovery. Caring with regular post-surgerycheck-ups. Would highly recommend for bariatric surgery such as gastric sleeve.”

- Kylie W

“Highly recommend Andrew, my surgery went perfectly and I can't thank him and his team enough :)”

- Charmaine S

“One year ago I saw Andrew for a hiatus hernia. He explained step by step what needed to be done, all the pros and cons and patiently answered my numerous questions. After the operation I have no more severe heart burn, I can now enjoy eating and drinking anything. Most of all I can now attend to my garden, bending and crouching without getting severe heart burn. Andrew was patient, professional and more importantly he put me at ease by his friendly and assuring manner. One year after my surgery, he rang me as a follow up to ascertain how I was feeling. I have since recommended him to friends and he has lived up to his high standards of professionalism. Regards Joan.”

- Joan D

“I cannot express enough how happy I am with the results of my surgery.

Dr Huo is not only an amazing surgeon but a wonderful person.

He is very honest and supportive and really helped me through my recovery.

I have had 2 surgerypreformed by Dr Huo I have had no issues.

My gastric sleeve and gallbladder.

Thank you kindly for my life changing surgery I would highly recommend Dr Huo.

I am a nurse with surgical and emergency critical care background and would strongly suggest if you want the best you will find it with Dr Huo.”

- Sarah J

“Wow, where do I start. From my very first pre op appointment Dr Huo has been amazing. Dr Huo has great communication skills, amazing professionalism and great quality care for all of his patients. I highly highly recommend Dr Huo as the best surgeon for WLS. He has definitely changed my life and my family’s life for the better!”

- Jessica C

“Had my mini gastric bypass in October 2020. My weight was 125.5kg and currently not quite a year on my current weight is 71.1kg. I am happy with my result. Highly recommend Dr Andrew for any weight loss surgery!”

- Sharon H

“My surgeon was Dr. Huo. The surgery that he performed on me was a mini gastric bypass, I have recieved excellent results that have been lifechanging. He was very professional and listened to my concerns and wishes. Could not fault Dr. Huo. I highly recommend him! “

- Fiona H

“I highly recommend Dr Andrew Huo as he is fantastic. He made the process so easy and i am very happy with the results. Before and after care was excellent. It has been 6 months and i have lost 34.6 kilos.”

- Caroline K

“Andrew is a great surgeon!! He's easy to communicate with and is very thorough.”

- Katy H

“My experience from my very first inquiry has been fantastic. Dr Huo answered and explained everything. Really prompt with replying with any questions or concerns. Would highly recommend.”

- Suzana K

“I highly recommend Dr Huo. He is friendly, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Dr Huo is professional and keeps you abreast of every step of your treatment.”

- Westend T

“Andrew has been caring and considerate from the first visit, he has been amazing, answering emails and making time for me.”

- Hair Boutique

“Dr Andrew is very easy to talk to and happy to answer all my questions. Extremely happy with the results.”

- Marie T

“Andrew Huo has been a wonderful surgeon to work with. His communication before and after surgery has been fantastic and he did a brilliant job on the surgery itself. I am 6 months post-op now and have had no complications or problems, and any scarring is barely visible. I can wholeheartedly recommend Andrew and the wonderful care I received at John Fawkner Private Hospital.”

- Shannan P

“I went through Andrew for my weight loss journey and I whole heartedly would not recommend anyone else. Andrew was absolutely wonderful from the get go he made something so scary and daunting feel like a piece of cake. After having my procedure he was there day and night to support me no matter how big or small the question. He has been absolutely amazing.”

- Mackenzie A