Postoperative Care Plan

Diet and Exercise

Postoperative Diet

After weight loss surgery you will be started on sips of water which will need to be sipped slowly in small amounts for the first 12-24 hrs and then usually progress to free fluid diet after review by your surgeon. An X-ray study is sometimes performed after the operation to check the size of the stomach pouch and to exclude any leaks from the new connection. You will then be able to have free fluids for the rest of your hospital stay. During the next 4 to 6 weeks, while your body heals, you will gradually increase the texture and volume of the food you take. Further information will be provided at your appointment with the dietician.

Postoperative Exercise

Exercise is highly recommended to maintain the weight loss post-operatively. Following suggestions may be used after your surgery:

  • Gradually and progressively increase your physical activity.
  • Walking is the best means of exercising in the immediate post-operative period (first 3-4 weeks). You can increase the distance and time of your walk, as you feel comfortable.
  • You may be able to progress to using exercise bikes in the gym or at home after 4-6 weeks depending on your recovery. You should aim for mainly cardio based exercises at this stage.
  • Strength training should be avoided for the first three months. You may need to be advised on when to start your strength training exercises


After bariatric surgery, you will be discharged, with specific instructions as to the medications that you need to take.

  • Some of the medications may be prescribed for a few months while others (such as multi-vitamins) would have to be taken for a life time.
  • The diagnosis and treatment of an ulcer is considered to be very difficult after bariatric surgery. Hence, your doctor will advise you to stop smoking and avoid taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) as they increase the risk of developing ulcers.
  • You may need to adjust your regular medications for certain conditions after your surgery. Please consult your specialist or GP for the correct dose.
  • Along with your medication, you will be prescribed various vitamin and mineral supplements to prevent nutritional deficits following your surgery.