Fees Schedule

An Explanation of Fees

For our weight loss surgery, there will be a standardised ‘gap’ between our surgical fee and what is covered by Medicare and your health insurance fund. It is important that you ask about this gap as it is applicable in most instances.

For revisional weight loss surgery (in patients who have had previous weight loss surgery), there will be a different ‘gap’ charge to the standardised ‘gap’ as it is technically more challenging to perform. However, there will be no out of pocket expenses charged by the surgeon if the initial weight loss surgery was performed with Melbourne Weight Loss Centre.

For endoscopy and most general surgical procedures, there will be no gap charged by the surgeon.

Our staff are fully informed with charges and rebates and will be able to help you navigate through what can be a complex process. These fee explanations can cover:

  • Consulting Fee
  • Surgical Fee
  • Treatment Estimates

If you require more information, please do not hesitate to call the practice during office hours.

Private vs Public Fees

You may choose to be a public or a private patient. This page provides patients with the different options for surgery in the private or public hospital system.

Public Hospital Patients:

Australian residents who decide to be a public patient are entitled to free treatment under Medicare. Your treatment will be carried out by an appropriate specialist which will be arranged prior to your admission. After discharge, your care will either be continued in an outpatient clinic or you will be referred to your local general practitioner.

In a public hospital, the surgery is usually performed by a registrar (doctor training in General Surgery) but the registrar is supervised by a senior surgeon who is responsible for your care.

There are no fees for surgery in the public hospital, however, there is a waiting list. Your position on the waiting list will be based on the severity of your condition. Follow up visits after surgery will be arranged through the hospital.

Private Hospital Treatment:

In the private health system, I will perform your surgery personally and will also look after you if you are advised to be an in-patient. All follow up appointments will be in my office.